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Overnight Package

3 Days 2 Nights
4 Days 3 Nights
5 Days 4 Nights

Bako National Park &Night Safari + Sea Stack

This is a 2D/1N overnight package. The Park has some very basic accommodation, but staying the night gives you a wonderful experience observing nocturnal animals and watching the sunsets over the bay.

Batang Ai Iban Longhouse

The Ibans (or Sea Dayaks) migrated by boat from Kalimantan in the 16th century and built their longhouses on rivers. Initially they clashed constantly with the locals and there are many bloody battles recorded. They became fierce headhunters, believing that the more heads they displayed in their longhouses, the more feared they would be and so less likely to be attacked. Today they are extremely hospitable and love to share their culture, performing their music, traditional dances and games, demonstrating their weaving, fishing and blow-pipe hunting techniques.

Batang Ai Resort +Iban Longhouse daytrip

Batang Ai is a special place where visitors can both experience the Borneo rainforest and learn about Iban cultural traditions.  The local communities have a vibrant living culture with a fascinating history that they are keen to share with the world.  The area is also home to the most significant population of orangutan in Sarawak.  These assets plus the abundant natural features of clear rivers, verdant rainforests and iconic wildlife make this a destination for the consummate traveller.  The Batang Ai region is also known as a model destination for sustainable community and nature-based tourism.

Satang Island + Snorkeling +Turtle Watching

Transfer from hotel to boat jetty. Boat ride will take approximately 40 minutes to Satang Island. Upon arrival, check–in to island huts. Accommodation quality is spartan. Electricity is from a diesel generator and water is collected in tanks from rain showers.

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