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Sarawak River Cruise

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3 Hours


Imagine yourself watching the sunset from the comfort of the Sky Deck, savouring the cool breeze above the calm river while sipping on a cold glass of orange juice or even a cold refreshing beer.


Imagine chatting away over a sumptuous meal as the sunsets in the background bathing the atmosphere with splashes of orange and red.

The Sarawak River Cruise provides a unique and different experience for you event. Embrace the change!


Whatever the theme or ambience you envision or require, the helpful and friendly crew from Layar Warisan Sdn Bhd together with a band of hand-selected events related partners, caterers and florists, will endeavour to carry it through for you.


Be it a leisurely sunset cruise, a starlight cruise party, a romantic wedding, a corporate function, or just a special evening with friends, a cruise along the majestic Sarawak River on board the Sarawak River Cruise promises to be a memorable experience.

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